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"Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you will ever know. My single greatest regret is that he had to die for our dream to live"
Oh my god, huh, just had an epiphany, X-MEN FIRST CLASS pretty much sets the pattern for how Erik Lensherr repeatedly facilitates the maiming , paralyzing and dying of Charles Xavier... I mean, after rewatching half of X3, Erik pretty much played the devil's advocate and goaded Jean Grey into ripping Charles apart.

JEAN: I knew you'd come.
CHARLES: Of course, I come to bring you home.
JEAN: I have no home.
CHARLES: Yes, you do. You have a home and family.
ERIK: You know, he thinks your powers are too great to control.
ERIK: I don't think your mind games are going to work anymore, Charles.
JEAN: So you want to control me.
ERIK: He does.
CHARLES: --No, I want to help you.
JEAN: Help me? What's wrong with me?
ERIK: Absolutely nothing.
CHARLES: Erik, stop--
ERIK: No, Charles! Not this time. You've always held her back.
CHARLES: For your own good, Jean.
JEAN: [flings a lamp across the room] Stay out of my head.
CHARLES: Look at me Jean, I can help you, look at me.
JEAN: Get out of my head!
ERIK: Perhaps you should listen to her, Charles.
CHARLES: You must trust me. You are a danger to everyone and yourself, but I can help you.
ERIK: I think you want to give her the cure.
CHARLES: Look what happened to Scott. You killed the man you love because you couldn't control your powers.
JEAN: No, stop it!
CHARLES: Jean, let me in! [JEAN starts to DISINTEGRATE CHARLES]
ERIK: [eyes WIDEN] No, Jean! Jean! *facepalm, so now, Erik finally starts to panic*
CHARLES: Don't let it control you.
ERIK: Charles!

Five-pennies-worth of thoughts:

(1) Controlling the beast: Charles conversation with Jean, especially offering a home and family and his last words of 'don't let it control you,' really parallel his relationship with Erik in first class. It's the same spiel of not letting the darker urges control you (lust/whimsy for jean, and vengeance/anger for erik). It's amusing that Charles' tactics haven't really changed much over the decades.

(2) Holding people back: Jean and Raven and how Erik and Charles deal with each? It's the same arguments over and over again, like a broken record. How tragic.

(3) What's up with Erik walking out on people he supposedly cares about immediately after they get shot? Although I can't make heads or tails of Erik just leaving Raven lying naked on the floor of a prison transport vehicle after she gets shot on his behalf and turns human, kudos on Erik's "It's a shame, she was so beautiful" line... really gets to me especially considering the context of First Class. But really, what's up with Erik walking out on people he supposedly cares about immediately after they get shot?

(4) Charles and Erik Happily Remarried after Beach Divorce? Their recruitment of Jean, twenty years ago for a moment had me thinking they were friendly and roadtripping for mutants once again after said catastrophe (1986 is about two decades after 1962's Cuban Missile Crisis)... unfortunately, it seems Charles' use of his legs indicate that this scene was actually set in First Class, a missing failed recruitment scene I'm guessing.  But X3 does hint at knowledge Erik has of Charles' students and school that he couldn't possibly have by the end of First Class... perhaps he does come back to Charles for a while after the divorce?  Here's to hoping for a happy reunion in the possible sequel of First Class.
(5) Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you will ever know. My single greatest regret is that he had to die for our dream to live; [After swiveling the Golden Gate Bridge around to Alcatraz] Charles always wanted to build bridges: Heh, I kinda stopped watching after Charles' death because Erik without Charles is pretty much no Erik at all, but god, does erik talk a lot about charles after his death (defending him to the brotherhood, what a great man he was, charles this and charles that). Which leads me to the conclusion, Erik had already resigned himself to fact that Charles would never change and martyrdom or death was simply the price to be paid (now I think about it, wasn't it in X2 where Erik leaves Charles in Stryker's Cerebro to target and kill all humans and for Charles to ultimately drown?) Otherwise, I could not imagine him not reenacting the beach paralysis scene (of course, this time there's no body to cradle, maybe the wheelchair? well, he does hold Jean and take her away from the house... maybe the most he can do is take their Oedipal child (kills one parent and joins the other) away from the wreckage, I don't even know... Obviously, to understand Erik and Charles in later X-men movieverse, I probably should actually watch the trilogy and take it with a grain of salt, considering the prequel comes before the sequels.

I'm pretty much pants at analysis and meta... Your thoughts?