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A summer five years ago, while in New York for journalism, we got discounted tickets to go see "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee."  We were loitering in the lobby after the show and ran into one of the actors, a ginger-haired chap with a beret, on his way out.  We chatted a bit, got a photo with him and asked him to sign our playbills.  The next day, we were at another Broadway show, and I kind of forgot all about the incident.

Then, I saw a couple of episodes of Modern Family by chance, kinda fell in love with the premise and was watching an Inside the Actor's Studio cast interview, when I gasped at Lipton referring to how Putnam Spelling Bee changed Jesse Tyler Ferguson's career (Ferguson being the actor portraying Mitchell Pritchett, the gay son raising an adopted Vietnamese baby with his partner).

Could it be that ginger-haired actor I had met all those years before was the one and the same guy that is currently playing Mitchell Pritchett?  And lo and behold, I dig through some old files and find the playbill autographed by none other than Jesse Tyler Ferguson.  I guess it's kinda strange and nebulous since I got an autograph and photo with an actor before I became slightly obsessed with the show... It's like the reverse of every other celebrity experience people normally have.

Anyhow, strange or just bound to happen sooner or later in the world of Broadway and comedy?