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Keynes v. Hayek; The Cove

Argh, I am discovering that I tend towards video blogging, so prepare for my spamming of your f-list with vids I found interesting...

1. Fight of the Century: Keynes vs Hayek Round Two--totally worth a look if you have a basic understanding of macroeconomics and the recession... or if you just like hip hop or people rapping in suits I suppose...

2. The Cove--just finished watching this Oscar-winning documentary on dolphin capture and slaughter in Taiji, Japan.  I dunno what to think about it yet, but I do know that the water turning red from the blood of dolphins is something you don't forget... I think what makes the film sit sort of uneasily with me is the fact that it is a sensational documentary (with Rolling Stone calling it 'The Bourne Identity Meets Flipper', I guess it's sort of expected)... that's all well and dandy if the film makes a change or impact, otherwise it's just propaganda gone flat... I guess as someone who studied journalism as a non-biased tool of reporting, the intense slant of the documentary just throws me a bit off.  But regardless, yes, definitely worth a watch, informative and emotive, also it's dolphins--my favorite animal from ages 6-14, well, except for that one year when I decided I wanted a pet giraffe--really, what's not to like?

Jane Eyre (2011)

I just saw Jane Eyre (2011) tonight, and it was quite faithful to Charlotte Bronte's book.  The artistry and acting were quite phenomenal in hindsight.  I quite enjoyed the media res chronology that kept up the suspense.  However, what struck me the most in the theater was both the horror and humor that really came across on the screen, in a way that it didn't for me in the novel.  In fact, in a couple of instances, people in the theater had let loose unintentional screams when random characters popped up out of nowhere, cast in shadows and gloomy lighting.  It was that frightening apparently. The tension was palpable, and I believe that only because I knew what was going to happen was I able to laugh at some of the cliches and absurdities of the story (but that may just be me, considering I've always found Jane Eyre alternately melodramatic and neat-and-tidy at turns).  

In addition to the intentional humor of witty banter between Jane and Rochester, what garnered a fair amount of snickering on my part was the Twilight-esque nature of the movie.  This is to be taken with a grain of salt as my knowledge of Twilight only extends to what I gather from friends who have seen or read it.  Rochester has the creepy possessive stalking down to a T.  Just watch the trailer below and you'll see what I mean.  Furthermore, the dark secret in the attic, and the visitor that gets bit in the neck by something or someone... well. Obviously, it's to be expected that a gothic novel would bring to mind  vampire romances, especially when vampire-human relations are the ultimate manifestation of may-september romances--the attraction between 'pure and innocent' and 'dark and dangerous.'

My thoughts on St. John Rivers in the movie *spoilery*Collapse )

Definitely worth a watch.  Check out the official trailer below.  It really does a good job of amping up the tension.

Two Dreamwidth Invite Codes

I happen to have two dreamwidth invite codes... message me if you want one :) 

oh and since this post is looking kinda empty, I thought I'd pimp my new show--Generation Kill--the true story of Marines at the tip of the spear of the American invasion of Iraq.  Character oriented, black humor, nitty-gritty and edgy, not exactly your typical war movie at all.

HBO Generation Kill Long Teaser by michelangelomusic

Baby Monks

Today I had reason to look up baby monk photos.

little monk reading
More little monks...Collapse )
Inception has won visual effects, sound mixing, sound editing, and cinematography... plus there are a million inception references... go watch if you aren't already!

Also, what the visual effects inception guy said, "I feel like the top hasn't stopped spinning since, but I don't care anymore" is the best line ever.


Just saw Adjustment Bureau, thought the trailers made it look pretty farfetched but when I heard of sneak previews for free (it doesn't come out until March 4), I was like, why not? Plus, who doesn't want to go to the theater and get screened by a metal detector for bootlegging equipment on a Saturday night? It's no Inception but it was definitely entertaining and amusing (I'm pretty sure the whole movie theater laughed at all the funny, cliched and probably supposedly emotional parts... The only problem was the suspension of disbelief of why does this secret organization care so, so, so very much if matt damon fulfills his destiny or not, because half the theater and did not give a shit either way)  But otherwise, it threw around some interesting ideas about destiny, choice and all that philosophical stuff (Matrix anyone?) and I don't believe I've ever seen a sci-fi romance hybrid before (?) so that was novel.

Here, have a picture of matt damon and his stolen fedora of magical powers (I kid you not) and an intro for those of you so inclined:


Do we control our destiny or do unseen forces manipulate us?Collapse )Sounds a bit ridiculous right?  But somehow it came together into an enjoyable viewing experience... It reminded me eerily of Supernatural and one of the characters was definitely playing the Castiel, questioning-your-orders, helping-the-poor-human role.  *kinda spoilery if you haven't seen the trailer?* I mean, the movie is about this secret organization and there is a plan written by the Chairman which deals with predestination/fate... it's really not that hard to make the leap to God and his army of angels who just kinda follow his orders without knowing why.  There were parts I swear that were taken verbatim from supernatural (or really any old testament depiction of angels in pop media I suppose).selective spoilers for adjustment bureau in the vein of supernaturalCollapse )

Have I mentioned before how much I love their outfits? And matt damon running around frantically in a sharp black suit is just precious... Poor Cas only has his shabby trench, but fear not, for not even renegade bureau man harry can rival Cas' deep soulful stare. I suspect that if kripke had the money, heaven would look a little like the adjustment bureau headquarters, with it's huge cathedral like library with tons of angels (I mean dudes in suits) reading and studying and planning out how to keep your lives on track.

Is it weird now that I want an adjustment bureau au of supernatural? 

Book Meme


How Inception Should Have Ended

Animated spoof of inception made by How-It-Should-Have-Ended Team. Watch with a grain of salt.

Summary: where poor yusuf is asked to pee in his pants at gunpoint, where ariadne apologizes for michael cera's guitar-playing cameo, where eames takes note of how distracting foghorns can be, where cobb is a hypocrite that gets them all killed, and finally where the dream team dies and parties in limbo quite literally.

It's crack and mostly nonsense, and sadly, the voice acting leaves much to be desired, but it hits most of the inception concepts right on the nail.


Everybody and their mother has probably already seen this, but parody trailer for Inception. professional-looking and pretty damn funny. It's called Inebriation.

Drinks go down easy when we party. But it's only when we sober up that we realize we were actually plastered.Collapse )

oh my god, I'm still laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the whole concept of inception out of context... (it's also a bit wonky in context but nolan can make us overlook that by pure willpower and scale)...


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